Chula, With Invisible Strings

Chula, With Invisible Strings: “At a time when polarizing politics make us question the world's love for humanity, there is Chula the Clown. Hailing from Mexico City, Gaby Munoz, otherwise known as Chula, has spent over a decade working alongside other clowns in refugee camps and areas affected by conflict. This short film takes a look into the beautiful universe that Chula creates, and asks us to explore how we connect with each other.”


Director: Emily Collins
Producer: Jessica Peterson
Cinematographer & Editor: Emily Collins, Kaija Siirala
Animation: Anthony Galante, Emily Collins, Marisha Falkovich
Fabrication: Ruby Lambie, Alee Bloom, Zuzu Snyder
Sound Mix: Hansdale Hsu
With Support From: Michaela Olsen