Under Covers_webtile.png

Under Covers at Sundance

Under Covers fuses stop motion animation, forced perspective sets, and handmade puppets to explore the bedrooms of unusual characters. Each scene unlocks new discoveries as we take a peek inside their homes, between their sheets, and under their beds.

This campy, colorful, and absurd film conjures a comforting thought: that weird is relative.”


Director: Michaela Olsen
Producer: Mighty Oak
Executive Producer: Cartuna
Score: Jade Shames

Sound Design: Anthony Galante
Animators: Michaela Olsen, Victoria Arlsani
Fabricators: Michaela Olsen, Minkyung Chung, Laura Manns, Ruby Lambie, Victoria Arslani, Alee Bloom, Marisha Falkovich